Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Madam Lapin and Harry Potter

It has been quite awhile since a post! I went home last week for two of my friends wedding(they got married in beautiful Santa Barbara) it was the best wedding I've been to so far. I also went home for my brothers birthday. Just got back last friday to good ol' SF. I also got to see Harry Potter while I was home with my parents. I will admit I cried quite a bit. Not loudly..but when your favorite character dies..its pretty hard not to. I got to bring along my wand my good friend got me for my birthday! I'm trying rather hard to look intimidating. The dress is green and I wore a victorian looking waist coat. Fashion!

Speaking of fashion. This is the newest art I've finished. Her name is Madam Lapin. As a kid I loved drawing ball gowns, fancy fancy stuff. I wish i still had the page after page of ruled notebook paper I draw them on. Madam Lapin is accompanied by her lovely rabbit friend Stella. I really enjoyed drawing her.

Now that I am back, I shall post more regularly.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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  1. Aw! I love that wand! And I totally cried during the last Harry Potter movie too (not that it was particularly great, but just thinking about the characters dying or fight was really emotional because of the books. Anyhoo!! we're both back now and we need to meet up and discuss more Harry Potter hehe.