Friday, February 27, 2009


I've got to get ready to go to work...bleh. I remembered this drawing and wanted to post it. Its me as a vampire. Haha big hips and small feets. Corset looks like its leaving me a little off balance.
And thats me with my lovely camera. I named it snape. I know. Nerd.


  1. I'll have to protect my neck when I'm in class. BTW, what's up with the honors port. blog? I can't even comment because they haven't invited anyone to be able to post. I can only assume no one has ever looked at it and that's why this problem has never been solved...

  2. haha don't worry I'm only vampy in drawings. I only looked at the honors port. blog first week of school and now I don't remember where I wrote down the address. Are there any posts on the thing or has everyone just been emailing chuck and kazu their stuff?
    I can't wait to see phenoix being rebellion.