Monday, February 16, 2009

Woody Allen

Woody Allen portrait thumbnails for tomorrows class. Collage/pencil/pen on paper.

me a nerd with my woody allen esq glasses.


  1. you are such a goof. but i am too. so it's cool.

    i think i like the bottom right one the most. it has the most character to it i think. what'd everyone else think?

  2. they liked the bottom right one too! I think its because I took it from an actually photo of woody. Plus it shows his posture and how hes aged. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate the rest of what was said in class, making quote text into the skyline behind him and other odds and ends...

    haha and we are goofs. thats one of the reasons I love you miss T! we get to hang on sunday:)