Monday, April 20, 2009

done done done.

all I can say is finally....

done with homework.


  1. hey, I really like this one! love the vividness of the color. what does it mean?

  2. aww thanks so much Candice! My teachers really liked it too I was so excited that they did. It's done for a chapter cover for Hemingways "A Movable Feast". I wanted it to be kind of surreal and carry the meaning of him being a writer translates to his whole life. Everything he does seeps creativity so I wanted the steam of the coffee to be connected to that. Kind of dream like and emotive. I took it from a simple quote in the book about Hemingway taking out his notebook and pencil and writing after getting a cup of coffee at the cafe he was at.

    wow sorry for the long winded explanation.:)