Sunday, September 13, 2009

fly away

I have been inspired as of late. I got a job which I am really excited about. Its at an amazing indie bookstore that I've wanted to work for a very long time. It's not an art job but it is still breeding my creativity. Plus I will be around fun creative type people anyway. It will also afford me time not to forget to do my art. I am pretty happy right now.:)

The reason for this piece of work has to do mainly with the fact that at the goodwill a few days ago I purchased a globe. I also have a huge map of the world on my wall over my books. When I was younger I did tons of odd jobs for my parents so they would give me money to buy a suitcase with the map of the world on it. I love the thought of travel. I love the places I have been able to visit and I yearn to see more. I also adore the pastel sorts of colors that are on most maps and globes. Totally my color palette. Maybe thats one of the reasons I was drawn to them as a kid. But anyway I love my globe. "Be Free" is the saying on my business cards.

I just added this simple art too. I love the bunny, shes jumping for love.:)


  1. more posts! more art! where you at bunny dee??

  2. it's not you the pretty gorgeous trendy american girl on the pic linked to your profile ?

  3. yep tokyobanana that is me! and thank you for the compliment:)