Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hiatus over.

wow Its been a huge hiatus. Just to fill you in. I moved to NYC. It wasn't for me. I moved now I'm in SF again. I needed my friends and family. I am currently looking for a job...oh the joys of being out of school.

This piece came as a whole result of how I've been feeling since moving back from NYC. It was quite a big blow to think you want something so much only to realize it was not for you. I value my family and friends so much. I missed the weather..and just the general feel of sf. So needless to say I've been pouring my heart out quite a bit via phone. I did that a lot while I was in NYC. Talking to friends, family..trying to figure out what to do with myself how I should approach things.

Also two things got into the spring show. Amazing. I was so happy to find this out. "Bunny Dream" got in and my Ernest Hemmingway yays:)


  1. Welcome back! I'm sorry living in New York didn't suit you, but the west coast is a little more awesome now that you're back in town. :-)

  2. chuck! I haven't checked my comments in ages.(bad on my part) thanks so much! I'm so glad that you like it:)