Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sedona random

There are quite a few new images for sale on my etsy site. This is one of them. Sedona. One of the most beautiful trips I have taken with my family was going to the grand canyon in winter time. Before we got to the grand canyon though we visited Sedona. The colors of the stone were so beautiful I was just blown away. The teal of the sky matched with the salmon orange of the surrounding stone..I really can't wait to go back there.
I can't stop listening to Nick Caves "O Children" which was in the new harry potter movie. I get to go have dinner with my wonderful friend Tanith tomorrow and you should all check out her blog. Shes linked on my side bar and she has some amazing art!
Im pretty sleepy now. I've been slowly getting over a cold and the insanity of the christmas season at the bookstore has been a bit overwhelming. I want to go see HP and the deathly hallows again. I've been reading a lot of Jon Krakauer. <3
Sleepy time now. This post is so rambling...


  1. thank you carrie!!!:) be sure to send me your story that you emailed me about when you get a chance.