Sunday, February 20, 2011


Wonderfully out of the blue one day I got a request for a custom piece from a wonderful girl named Melody. I was pretty excited to make a wedding portrait for her friends who got married back in the summer time. It also turns out that shes a fan of my bookstore and a HP fanatic! Its great to make friends with a customer, even better when they have likes in common with you!
I posted the work in progress on my facebook which got me another love/wedding themed custom piece from another wonderful lady who was looking to give it to her brother and soon to be sister in law.
It really feels amazing to give a smile to someone who is about to(or just has) had one of the happiest days of their lives happen to them. exciting. Plus my friend Roman(who helped me get my bookstore job!) and his beautiful fiancee Corinne are going to have me do their save the date.
so much


  1. Thanks for featuring my request!! Was so fun to work with you, as well! I'll definitely be thinking of you for any future gift ideas. :) Hooray for HP fans! (BTW, this is Melody, in case you couldn't tell.)

  2. Thanks so much for asking me to do it! I'm so happy to have gotten to do something so special. Hehe and I knew it was you melody!! I hope you are well and I love your icon(ADORABLE!)