Monday, May 16, 2011


This is Hettie Kauffmann. Shes actually based off of a drawing of a character of the same name by one of my favorite odd artists Henry Darger. At the bookstore I work at one of the used book buyers got a wonderful Darger book in a buy. I had to look it over since I fell in love his his work some years ago in art class upon watching the documentary on him called 'In the Realms of the Unreal'. Towards the very back of the book was the drawing of Hettie. She is a girl general and a girl scout.

I thought she would make a great drawing, I wanted to change her costume a bit. The feathers around her neck of her coat seemed more to denote a flier in my eyes. So I gave her an aviators under cap from WW I.
One of my greatest museum experiences was when I was in NYC with my mom before I moved there for my very short stint. The Folk museum was having a Darger Exhibit and my mom and I went. His stuff is just spectacular in person. So much larger then you'd imagine reading one of the art books on him.
I really need to invest eventually in owning an art book on Darger. His stuff is just so fantastical.

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