Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Desk Quest

I've been on a quest for the last week or so to organize my desk. It often is in a state of chaos since I use it for so much and it is rather small. I can't believe I actually use to keep my scanner on just took up too much space though and was regulated to the bottom shelf of my bookshelf. The quest to clean the desk turned to a quest to tidy the rest of the flat spaces in my room(shelves, dresser, tables)and now I'm pretty now if you want. Take a trip to my room where I make art.

The first task was to move much of the stuff that was cluttering up the desk to the shelf right next to the desk on the bookshelf. This gave me a lot of free space and more room to work with as far as organizing. The Darger post card was purchased at the Darger exhibit when I went to NYC two years ago.

The lotus flower tapestry behind my computer is something I've had since I moved to San Francisco more then 7 years ago. My mom bought it for me and its graced every apartment I've had.

The desk was a craigslist find. 50 dollars. The cream colored globe was free(found it on the street)and the blue was 4 dollars from goodwill.

I'm glad to have everything mostly organized now. The yellow basket helped.

The map behind my bed is one I purchased 4 or more years ago. It is what has inspired my color palate in my work. The bed blanket was an etsy find. I collect picture frames.

Snape wallpaper background of course. It use to be my drawing of snape.

All the books were collected from the free box at my work, well besides the HP ones. My mom gave me the rabbit bookends. The stones, shells and driftwood is stuff my mom and I have collected on our many beach trips.

The book on the far right was one of the first things I think sparked my desire to draw. Edgar Allen Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination illustrated by Harry Clarke. Tucked in there is a huge book of maps, some Gorey, Klimt, Sendak, Schiele, Gibson and of course Harry Potter Film Wizardry.

More books. I'm a huge Krakauer fan..more so when he is writing mountain climbing books though. Into Thin Air is one of my favorites. I love the white bunny statue I got at goodwill during easter time.

More art and map books.
Now desk quest and room quest is complete. I am constantly changing things though so who knows...

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  1. It just radiates Danielle style! I love what you do with your framed pictures. Must make a note to decorate one of my library walls like that..... :-D