Friday, June 17, 2011

General Bunny

Here is General Bunny. He hasn't been posted on etsy as of yet. He is a civil war man. I imagine that lady bunnies in hoop skirts and bonnets wave at him as he passes on horse back. Hes a very stoic sort. You'd have to be with a mustache of such prominence.

Unique is ready to take on the world. I imagine that her poster was everywhere when she was the world renowned tattooed lady of the 1900's. Shes up on my etsy.

I'm excited that I got the days off to go home to visit my family and go to my friends wedding. I leave on the 14th of July and that means on the 15th I will get to see The Final installment of Harry Potter with my parents. Excitement! Then the wedding is on the 16th. My brothers birthday is the 18th. I don't return home till the 22nd. It will be a nice break.

The weather is so nice here..but its messing with my allergies.
I want a burrito...

Have a great weekend everyone!:)

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