Wednesday, October 26, 2011

not so secret garden

Its been a bit since a post. I came down with a cold and am finally recovering. In the process of getting everything ready for my halloween costume which I will hopefully get a few pictures of. I got the most wonderful email last week from such a kind customer that bought some stuff from my etsy site. Gabs with Moobaacluck has a blog hereshe had such kind words to say and took some beautiful pictures of the packaging I packed her necklace in! Thanks again so much Gabriella.
The above art is something I drew in anticipation of seeing the movie "Anonymous". I don't draw enough men so I thought I would give a go at drawing Shakespeare with a variety of different source material. I don't know if I will use this as the sketch for a digital final piece or try re-drawing him.

Since I'm finally coming to the tail end of my sickness I forced myself out of the house yesterday and through golden gate park. Where I stumbled upon the 'Shakespeare Garden". What I loved was it was quite deserted. There is apparently a engraving of him behind the locked door at the end of the path. A beautiful little spot though that I didn't even know was there right beside the Academy of Sciences. Next thing I'd love to do is check out the botanical gardens since I haven't done that since I was a kid visiting with my parents. After nearly 8 years of living here its time to do it again..

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