Sunday, March 15, 2009

bunny dee

This was a lot of fun to color. The bunny is Bunny Dee. My little alter-ego that was developed when my parents and bro started calling me bunny dee. She loves color and wants to spread it everywhere. She also likes mountains, oceans, spirals and pattern. Also Alan Rickman and Pineapple. Those are not pictured here however. She also wants hugs. Can't you tell?


  1. i love these colors!!!!! It's an awesome rainbow. And may I say...if I ever manage to see Alan Rickman wearing nothing but pineapple you will be the first person I tell

  2. lol. if you see alan rickman in a pineapple suit you better call me ASAP. lol

  3. I also love Alan Rickman and Pineapple!