Sunday, March 15, 2009


I know I've posted alot today but this I'm really excited about. My dad had me design a scrim from the mall in my hometown of bakersfield,ca. He was doing the landscaping for the easter set up where kids take pictures in front of with the easter bunny. After some revisions this is the idea that I came up with. The mall heads LOVED it. They are also going to talk to their boss and might want me to do a christmas version. I'm so excited. Every kid that gets a picture with the easter bunny will have my image in the background.....I didn't get paid for it but I don't care its going to be awesome to put this sort of thing in my portfolio and on a resume. It's experience in illustration and I'm so happy my dad asked me in a pinch to do something for him that was illustration driven. This will be seen by the masses in the mall! God......I'm all smiles. Thanks dad:)

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  1. saweeeeet! You should get your picture taken there : D