Saturday, March 14, 2009

when I grow up

I did the colored version of the drawing while listening to Fever Ray "when I grow up" awesome song totally check it out. Its the girl from the band the knife.

I get to meet Barron Storey on monday. My uncle set it up, its so awesome of him to do that, hes friends with his wife(they use to work together at pacific cafe on geary). Needless to say I'm nervous as hell, this is a guy that several teachers at the academy have brought up as a revolutionary.....and he wants to look at my portfolio and sketchbook....YEAH NERVOUS DEE. I feel like this fever ray song that I mentioned above..when I grow up..theres so much I want to do I feel its frightening that I'm hanging on the cliff now of is almost over all 4 and a half years of it. Moving to New York City. I'm glad that my life turned out the way it did, I'm glad that I couldn't get a dorm room at san jose state upon graduating highschool. I was going to study history there even though I really wanted to do art....I'm glad a certain person broke my heart two years ago because I wouldn't of found the artistic style I now have without that pain.

Life hands you alot of experiences in life and the trick is deciding what you want to get from it.

Thanks life for giving me what I have. I <3>