Monday, March 7, 2011

Friends Invite

I've been working on the wedding invitation drawing for my good friends. They are getting married in July and I wanted to make sure that the drawing had their likenesses. It was a really fun job to do. Not quite finished, still needs the banner with their names. I love that they wanted their cat in it. Who is an adorable maine coon that I got to baby sit for 3 days when they were out of town once.
It has been rather dreary out the last couple of days. I'm wishing for sunshine while my mom and I are out of town next says there will be showers next week the first day she gets here. Usually the forecast changes though in 10 days. Here's hoping.

Hope the sun is shining for someone this week!


  1. I just bought your Bunny Dream poster! It is going in my library for me to look at when I write. :)

  2. carrie!!!!!!I just saw that and I smiled so big. Don't stop dreaming my talent talented friend:) miss you! come to sf!