Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music Outside.

Finished Sea Lion woman today. The rain was coming down so heavily that the alcove outside of my room was nearly a half foot deep with water. Thank god there is a drain out there. The water was coming down like buckets. The sounds I hear from my room sometimes remind me of the background noise in the movie bladerunner. Especially right now with the muffled sounds of cars going by and rushing over the rain water. Cars honking and the light patter of rain. Probably doesn't help that I'm listening to Memories Of Green(a song from the bladerunner soundtrack).

I was watching a video that I saw placed on the Green Apple Core website called "The Library". It made me think that Snape would live there if he was just a regular gentleman about London. Check it out. Its beautiful, some would probably find it cluttered. I think its a big piece of art. I can't believe I did that Snape piece of art almost 3 years ago. Long fingers and elongated noses are some of my favorite things

The Library from Sergey Stefanovich on Vimeo.

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  1. That library is amazing! I love your new mermaid, especially the colors and the water. (Maybe because I'm a water sign?)