Monday, March 14, 2011

Mr. Rabbit

My Blog has been given another lift. I recently changed the banner on my etsy site so I thought that the blog should have the same sort of look to it.

I was inspired a little by the She & Him new music video "Don't Look Back."

I also love this book. Before I graduated College my mom came up to visit and we went to see the Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum here in the city. It was amazing. He has been my favorite illustrator since I was a child and getting to see his hand drawn works brought tears to my eyes. I saw this book above among a collection of books they had to look of. I fell in love with it but the bookstore wasn't selling it. A bit saddened I went along with my days and forgot about it. Till my moms next visit and she presented me with the book! She had gone out of her way to find it for me. It is an adorable story about a little girl who just cannot think of what to get her mother for her birthday. I will be seeing my mom on in a couple days. Excitement!

ps. book art above by the amazingly talented Maurice Sendak.


  1. Nice! I love the new look :D I've been meaning to give my website and blog a revamp lately too but ugh no time XD i love the new colors you picked! Perfect for spring too :)

  2. thanks lady! It does feel a bit springy now that you mention it. I'd love to see what new look you come up with for your blog:)

  3. Maurice Sendak is by far one of my favorite artists. :) Plus, I dig the new banner.

  4. I love sendak soo much and klimt. I have a klimt print in my room. Thanks Jenny!:)