Monday, October 25, 2010

Bear and Bunny

Hi everyone. Its only been a couple days but I wanted to post my new image which was inspired by my brother. His nickname is Brother Bear. His sister bunny is giving him a heart.

I've been trying to do as much drawing as I can a day. I have to leave for work in about 30 minutes and still need to get ready to go...I'm watching galaxy quest. Ah Alan Rickman how I love thee. Now to get to work.

Bunny Dee


  1. So we both heart Alan Rickman. *sigh* Great illustration... Love the heart being passed on! :D

  2. hahah oh man Alan Rickman fans unite! Hes got the most AMAZING voice ever. I think. I'm so glad you like it. you should check this out:)
    I did this quite awhile ago and I never draw like this but thought if you love alanrickman you might like it:)