Thursday, October 21, 2010

Traveling bunny

I thought I would post a photo of part of my room. Its pretty obvious what colors inspire me. I have been obsessed with travel since I was little. I planted flowers in my parents front yard just to earn the money to buy a suitcase that had a map of the globe on it. I wish I had saved that suitcase. I have a collection of maps that I have gotten at various places, and I am very particular about the colors I want on my maps. The one above my bed is from the 70's. I also have a map from the 80's of Australia(which is a place I'm dying to visit one day)and a 1930's map from national geographic of the world. I own two globes and want to collect more. One I was actually lucky enough to get while walking home from work one night on the street for free! The lamp beside my bed is great grandmothers. I have necklaces my mom has given me draped over it. There are various prints on the wall by other artists that I fancy and of course Klimts the kiss behind my bookshelf.

Here is also a photo of me at the Griffith Observatory when I was there with my family during my visit. I love space. I love the stars. To me its the dream world. I'm a dork. I almost cried in the planetarium show.

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