Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Clipped my Wing

The other night I watched one of my all time favorite movies "The Piano". I gush about this movie a-lot. My mom actually took me to see it when I was the same age as little Anne Paquin in the movie. Now that I am older and able to understand the themes more in the movie its taken on a new life. The directing is flawless and the images it creates are so breathtaking I find myself wanting to cry everytime I watch it. Not to mention the stellar acting done by EVERYONE in it.

The first drawing I did was from a chapter title on the dvd. "You Clipped My Wing", Ada(Holly Hunter) is a mute. By choice since she was a child. Her only voice and mode of expression is her piano. When she is married off to Alisdair(Sam Neill) he has no clue of her love of the piano, or how deeply its importance to her runs. But Banes(Harvey Keitel) realizes this. He is interested in Ada however and they end up falling in love when Ada gives him piano lessons which is just his mode of getting near her. Alisdair learning of this forbids her from seeing him again. She doesn't listen and when he is told of this he does the most horrible thing you could do to someone who speaks through the piano. He cuts one of her fingers off. Halting her flight. She can no longer speak she can no longer fly.

So I first drew Ada, and then I drew Alisdair. I must admit as a kid I had a crush on Alisdair. I usually like the villains. Ok I still love Alisdair. But I still love villains so there..

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  1. I've only just come across your amazing Blog.

    Where do you get the ideas from, really impressive.