Friday, October 29, 2010

a plethera of things

I've been feeling pretty under the weather lately but these bunnies brought me out of the gloom for a bit. I'm working on a variety of these for a print. See how it turns out. I'm going to be going home next week to see my family. I can't wait to see my mom and dad and my brother. We are all going to drive to Cambria for dinner and spend the night. My mom always plans such lovely things. I hope to take a walk on the beach, collect shells for my shell collection and enjoy being out of the hubbub of the city for a few days.

I will also get to see my cat. Which I know it sounds silly but I get so excited to see her when I'm home. I have a variety of nicknames for her: stell bell, stella bella, little face, and princess to name a few..I'd love to have my own cat one day and name it Luna. After Luna Lovegood of course.

Speaking of HP I happened to make a friend Via etsy named Steph Cortes. Shes also a Alan Rickman fan(which I loves) and she has a adorable blog. She makes geek-tacular stuff and its a must to check out!
go visit her blog called nerd JERK.

nerd JERK!Check out her blog!
her stuff reminds me how much I use to love old school video games. Now I miss playing them so much! Shes also a sweetie-pie.

-Bunny Dee

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bear and Bunny

Hi everyone. Its only been a couple days but I wanted to post my new image which was inspired by my brother. His nickname is Brother Bear. His sister bunny is giving him a heart.

I've been trying to do as much drawing as I can a day. I have to leave for work in about 30 minutes and still need to get ready to go...I'm watching galaxy quest. Ah Alan Rickman how I love thee. Now to get to work.

Bunny Dee

Friday, October 22, 2010

Color Keys

Today has been a long day for some reason. Perhaps its the rain that makes me feel sluggish and want nothing more then something warm to drink and to stay in my room. I've been listening to Rachmaninoff most of the day and its been rather inspiring. I find that classical is wonderful for me to draw to. I created this piece above today because I wanted to paint a rainbow of colors and listening to a piano being played made me want to incorporate keys. A typewriter was the first thing that jumped to mind. I searched for reference of one and found a beautiful royal typerwriter from the 60's to base this design off of.

I have an urge to re-watch "In the Realms of the Unreal" again. Henry Darger is such an odd inspiration. That man did amazing things with color.

My feet are freezing. I want a peppermint hot chocolate..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Traveling bunny

I thought I would post a photo of part of my room. Its pretty obvious what colors inspire me. I have been obsessed with travel since I was little. I planted flowers in my parents front yard just to earn the money to buy a suitcase that had a map of the globe on it. I wish I had saved that suitcase. I have a collection of maps that I have gotten at various places, and I am very particular about the colors I want on my maps. The one above my bed is from the 70's. I also have a map from the 80's of Australia(which is a place I'm dying to visit one day)and a 1930's map from national geographic of the world. I own two globes and want to collect more. One I was actually lucky enough to get while walking home from work one night on the street for free! The lamp beside my bed is great grandmothers. I have necklaces my mom has given me draped over it. There are various prints on the wall by other artists that I fancy and of course Klimts the kiss behind my bookshelf.

Here is also a photo of me at the Griffith Observatory when I was there with my family during my visit. I love space. I love the stars. To me its the dream world. I'm a dork. I almost cried in the planetarium show.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Clipped my Wing

The other night I watched one of my all time favorite movies "The Piano". I gush about this movie a-lot. My mom actually took me to see it when I was the same age as little Anne Paquin in the movie. Now that I am older and able to understand the themes more in the movie its taken on a new life. The directing is flawless and the images it creates are so breathtaking I find myself wanting to cry everytime I watch it. Not to mention the stellar acting done by EVERYONE in it.

The first drawing I did was from a chapter title on the dvd. "You Clipped My Wing", Ada(Holly Hunter) is a mute. By choice since she was a child. Her only voice and mode of expression is her piano. When she is married off to Alisdair(Sam Neill) he has no clue of her love of the piano, or how deeply its importance to her runs. But Banes(Harvey Keitel) realizes this. He is interested in Ada however and they end up falling in love when Ada gives him piano lessons which is just his mode of getting near her. Alisdair learning of this forbids her from seeing him again. She doesn't listen and when he is told of this he does the most horrible thing you could do to someone who speaks through the piano. He cuts one of her fingers off. Halting her flight. She can no longer speak she can no longer fly.

So I first drew Ada, and then I drew Alisdair. I must admit as a kid I had a crush on Alisdair. I usually like the villains. Ok I still love Alisdair. But I still love villains so there..

Monday, October 18, 2010

you + me

Here is another piece I actually did yesterday after work. I think when I thought it up..well you may laugh but its sorta me and Hans Gruber from Die Hard. My friend pointed this out to me. I would like to think that if Hans Gruber was a character now he would be a super stylish hip man. I doubt he would wear yellow but who cares. Though I am the perpetually single Bunny doesn't mean I can't have dreams of romance or at least draw it. A girl can dream.

Its up for sale on my etsy! Check it out and if anyone ever wants a custom love portrait let me know. I can make one like this in your likenesses!
Much xoxo

-Bunny Dee

Friday, October 15, 2010

Heres Hopping

Bunny Dee the Art of Danielle Gundry-Monji!

Well it is finally up. More then a year after graduating from art school I am finally venturing to put my toe into the art selling waters. To be honest I am quite scared. I guess there is no excitement in life without uncertainty. I have never been one to be full of self esteem so this is pretty frightening. I need to remind myself that I should build myself up rather then fall back into that instinct from highschool and my youth to pull myself down.
I hope that people check it out. Give it a gander. Tell me what you think. :)

the link is above. Now to watch half blood prince!

-Bunny Dee

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sleeps with one eye open

I did 3 drawings today. I'm listening to Joan Baez sing Diamonds and Rust. It makes me want to relate at least a little where my art comes from. About 4 years ago I had a very different style of art. I was trying to imitate things like disney and in my opinion failing miserably. I had been seeing a wonderful analyst for about two years. I thought that I was opening up. That I was saying things that had meaning. I didn't know that I was asleep psychologically. I rarely drew. I think I had a hiatus of something like two or more years. Never drew for fun just for school.

Then I had something tragic happen. A relationship crumbled. The person that I relied on for all my self esteem was gone. I know it sounds pretty pathetic and it was in a way. I crashed and burned. I found that I was waking up though. To what really could be my artistic nature through this tragedy. My style of art did a complete 180. I was drawing now from my dreams. From what inspired me. My art started to take on the ability for me to get my feelings out on paper. Be that joy or sadness it was now an outlet. I know it might sound kinda metaphysical but really sometimes these events that you think would sink you no matter how tough you are..turn out to be what wakes you.

I'm grateful for that tragedy. For the way I had to rebuild. I'm not who I once was.

The above image I drew today. She sleeps with one eye open because she fears a broken heart.

Monday, October 11, 2010


another post so quickly!? well just wanted to give a heads up the the blog itself has been updated. Thanks to my friend its been given a face lift and now has a banner with my bunny mountain on it to go with the blogs name. So yay. New look for the blog.

Above is a picture of me on my birthday at the SF MOMA. The woman in the background looking at my camera cracks me up.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

can't sleep as usual..

woah. All I have to say..where have I been all this time. Lets just say that art has not taken a back seat. Its finally working its way around to devouring me with creativity. Which I like. I haven't been feeling well lately due to allergies and the sick season that is nearly upon us.
I've worked at my wonderful indie bookstore job for a year and a month. I need to remind myself to get continue on doing what I went to school for and what I dreamed to do since I could talk.

That brings me to exciting news. Part of the reason I might of gotten sick has to do with not only the flurry of energy that I've had creating but the motivation..and nervousness about putting that into the marketplace. I've been building up and prepping to launch my very own etsy site at the end of this week. I've hammered out some pieces for prints. I'm really excited about this. After that is done I will start blog posting regularly again. Which indeed I do miss doing.
Thanks to all my friends and family who haven't ever lost faith in my art.
Lets see how it goes.

just breath bunny...hehe:)