Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Rabbit

I've been told in my classes in the past that you shouldn't wax on too poetically about yourself in the blog that you use as your place that shows your art. I think that eventually I wont be able to do that..I want people to know me through and through and know what goes through this rabbit girl mind of mine. Maybe it will make people feel more of a connection. I know that the blogs I read usually delve into the deeper thoughts of the writer. I like that sort of candid closeness.

Today at work I was looking at a book of late 1800's photographs from Brooklyn. I was suddenly overcome with an incredible sadness/fear that all the people in these photos are dead. Even the young ones. Photography is fascinating to me. How to captures a moment in a persons life and traps it there. It is now visual history. I find myself wondering about those individuals in that book. What was that person who became a blur in that photograph..where were they going?

Listening to horse feathers and sun kill moon makes me yearn for road trips. Reminds me of the one my mother and I took cross country when I thought my dream was to be a new york city dweller..moments stand out. Memory pictures that can bring tears to my eyes. Here are some examples:
-Looking up at the stars in new Mexico and being awed. I'd never seen the stars so bright in my life.
-The rain storm in Colorado. The tornado warnings and the look of Des Monies at night.
-The drive through Pennsylvania. When the song came on 'Oh Mama' by Adele Diane on the mix cd I made my mom. How my mom and I started to cry. Because she was going to leave me in the big city.
I need more road trip moments. My mom and I are still planning a trip to Alaska which would make more.
I miss driving the streets of my home town. I miss the crazy sunsets at times. The tumbleweeds and the sound of the train going by the house I grew up in. Visiting friends who lived on farms or out in the distance. Texas reminds me a bit of Bakersfield where I'm from. There is a little bit of a country girl in me.

Living where I live now. Relaxing the way I can without drama I feel like my mind can drift to these good things.

I'm sure some people think don't talk so much about you. I just think it would make it easier to understand my art perhaps. Or maybe I should just make a personal blog...?
I'm random, my mind darts like a rabbit.
Now to watch Harry Potter.