Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bibliophile

A return to my book loving art. I must say that I don't read nearly as much as many of my co workers at the bookstore I work at. My tastes have a tendency to be more visual sometimes. I often find myself distracted from books but those she is seated atop of are all ones I have loved, or are by authors I adore. My two favorite Didion books are Play it As it Lays and "The White Album. I actually this lady(whom I named Athena because shes the goddess of knowledge) was inspired by an ornament I was given this christmas holiday from my uncle. Shes a little 60's look girl with brilliant white hair and a hot pink gingham dress on. The dress in the drawing looks exactly the same as the one my little ornament has on. I spent about 6 days at home getting to be beside my cat and spend time with my family. Saw Prometheus for the second time. I enjoyed it. I have missed a really good SCI FI movie. The plot was a bit all over the place but the visuals were beautiful, even the very dark and frightening stuff that happened had a beauty to it somehow in the way it was lit. I got this sweater before I went home for the trip. By far my new favorite piece of clothing. My parents and brother wont be up to visit again till my birthday. I miss them already. More are to be colored soon!

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  1. I blogged about your work today.
    I love your drawings so much. They're gorgeous. I also happened to be a rabbit fan!