Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lord and Lady

Where have I been on posting. Doing a damn poor job of it. Good news though, I have been drawing a ton! I get inspired in interesting places..well maybe not interesting, who doesn't seem to like Game of Thrones these days? I love these characters. LOVE THEM. Granted I know that there is quite a bit of nudity on the show and some women or most seem to use their sex appeal to get what they need but that doesn't detract from the intensity to me. I never really felt like I could relate to any of the women in Lord of the Rings, and there certainly were far too few of them for us ladies to choose from. Game of Thrones has a ton. I personally adore Arya. Shes headstrong, a tom boy and despises the idea of being a lady. I also find as usually happens I become drawn to the worst sort of male characters..though in my defense these gentlemen do have good qualities hidden under their more vile behavior. Favorites include: Petyr Baelish, Tywin Lannister and Bronn. If you know the show, they you might know what I mean about good qualities in all these dudes. Anyway..the other day I realized I had not drawn a guy in awhile. I wanted to challenge myself a little so I decided to draw Tywin Lannister in full on armor. I've always been attracted to unconventional men. I mean most would say Charles Dance is not..a looker. Hes got a great profile, strong features, powerful voice and intense eyes. Anyway this is the drawing: he was fun to draw. I also wanted to share a drawing that I did of a lady that was inspired by game of thrones. I really wanted to draw a wolf and a lady with a medieval hair style. This is what I came up with. I'm going to do my best to keep up with posting every week now that life seems to have calmed down a bit. Oh and I'm going to see prometheus tonight. Midnight showing woooooooo. Its going to rule worlds.

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